How to release a new version of QGreenland Core code

Use bumpversion (see bump-my-version) to bump the specified part of the version:

$ bumpversion bump {major|minor|patch|prerelease|build|}

Versions should be in one of the following forms:

  • vX.Y.ZalphaN: An alpha pre-release, e.g. v1.2.3beta2

  • vX.Y.ZbetaN: A beta pre-release, e.g. v1.2.3alpha2

  • vX.Y.ZrcN: A release candidate, e.g. v1.2.3rc3.

  • vX.Y.Z: A final release, e.g. v1.2.3.


When using bumpversion bump build, ensure you have already used bumpversion bump prerelease. Running bumpversion bump build from a final release version number can result in an incorrect patch number, e.g. v1.2.304.

Publishing a tag to GitHub will trigger an automated build and publish of the QGreenland Core package to various mirrors.

Creating a “Release” in GitHub will trigger archival of our code in Zenodo and issuance of a new DOI. Do not create a “Release” in GitHub until a new version of the package has been successfully built and pushed to mirrors.