QGreenland should not be used as a sole navigational aid while performing remote research activities in Greenland or elsewhere. Always bring appropriate safety and navigational aids (including hard-copies of topographic maps) when visiting the field.

QGreenland is a data-viewing and analysis platform, and the QGreenland Team does not create new data. QGreenland’s layers may contain errors from the original data providers. QGreenland makes no guarantees about the accuracy and validity of data contained in QGreenland. Limited notes on known data issues have been added to the ‘Populated places’ layer metadata. Also, some layers may not perfectly align with each other due to unidentified georeferencing issues with the original data. We recommend using the ‘Greenland coastlines 2017’ layer as the best approximation reference layer for geolocating Greenland’s coastline.

Note that some data were transformed from their native data formats, projections, and resolutions for inclusion within QGreenland. The included metadata (Layer Properties -> Metadata -> History) contains provenance information on any transformations. All QGreenland GeoPackages and GeoTIFFs are projected in EPSG:3413.