How to Locate Layer Metadata

Metadata refers to the general information about a data file, and the metadata for QGreenland GIS data files can be accessed via two ways.


Locating and viewing QGreenland layer metadata is easiest when you have already downloaded the QGreenland Core base package. You can download QGreenland Core here.

Via the QGIS Attribute table

If you have the QGreenland Core base package downloaded, you can easily locate and view layer metadata within QGIS. First, open the qgreenland.qgs QGIS project file that was included in the QGreenland Core download package. Next, locate your layer of interest in the Layer Panel. The Layer Panel is a panel on the left side of the Map View containing a list of layers that are in your QGIS project.


Right click on the layer and select the Properties option. This will open the Layer Properties window. Next, find the metadata tab on the left side window panel. This will show any available information that is associate with the data layer, including but not limited to title and abstract.


Using the QGreenland Custom plugin

If you have the QGreenland Custom QGIS plugin, you can access QGreenland layer metadata through the plugin. First you will need download the layer of interest if you do not already have it downloaded. If you need help installing or downloading data using QGreenland Custom, please follow this how-to guide first.

Access the plugin via the Web tab in the top Menu Bar, and select the Manage Data option. This will open a window showing any layers you have downloaded via the plugin.


Click the Explore files button at the bottom left. This will open up a window to the download location that you selected when downloading data via the plugin. If you have only downloaded 1 layer via the plugin, you will only see 1 file directory here, otherwise, scroll through to find your layer of interest and open up that directory. In the layer directory, you should see 2 text files, one provenance.txt, which includes information on how the data is processed, and one metadata.txt. Open up metadata.txt to read through the layer metadata.


You have just learned 2 ways in which you can locate and access QGreenland layer metadata. For more information on layer properties and metadata, read our Interacting with Geospatial Data in QGreenland Core documentation.