QGreenland storage locations are currently in the data/ subdirectory of this repository. This can be overridden by creating data/working-storage and data/private-archive symlinks to your preferred storage locations.

We plan to support storage location overrides using environment variables in the future.

Working storage


All file outputs of QGreenland are written to working storage. Must be read-write.

Dataset fetch storage


Datasets are fetched from their original locations and written to this directory.

WIP storage


All intermediate steps are written to these directories.

Release storage


Finalized layers and projects are stored in these directories.

“Private archive” storage


While this project prefers to only include publicly-archived and machine-accessible data, we do have some privately-archived data that we’ve sourced by e-mailing scientists or manually interacting with machine-unfriendly systems. These datasets have an access_instructions attribute in configuration that describes how the data was acquired.

May be read-only.

NOTE: The CLI’s run command features an argument --exclude-manual-assets flag which will exclude any layers that depend on privately-archived data. It’s recommended to use this flag as a QGreenland contributor testing their changes.