How to install QGreenland Custom as a developer

QGreenland Custom is a QGIS plugin for downloading a custom set of data, including data which is not part of the QGreenland Core zip package. This how-to guide walks through how to install the plugin as a developer.

First, clone the QGreenland Custom repo from Faunalia:

git clone

Use the QGIS GUI to locate the QGreenland Custom directory by going to Settings -> User Profiles -> Open Active Profile Folder. Then, navigate to the /.python/plugins directory, echo $PWD and copy the full filepath.

Next symlink the plugin repo to the plugin directory using the filepath from the previous step:

ln -s $PWD '/filepath'

Installing and reloading QGreenland Custom

To begin installing QGreenland Custom, access the Plugin tab in the top Menu Bar, and select Manage and Install Plugins.


Navigate to the Installed tab in the Plugin window, and check the box for QGreenland Custom.

Instead of restarting QGIS after installing QGreenland Custom, install the plugin, Plugin Reloader. Plugin Reloader will allow you to immediately see your changes instead of needing to restart QGIS. You can do this by navigating to Plugin -> Manage and Install Plugins, then searching for Plugin Reloader in the search bar. Install the plugin then press OK.

To use the plugin, navigate to the Menu Bar and select Plugins -> Plugin Reloader -> Configure. Select qgreenland-plugin in the drop down. Uncheck the run the commands below before reloading option. Leave the display option checked, and press OK.


Navigate to Plugins -> Plugin Reloader -> Reload Plugin: qgreenland-plugin.


You should receive a message notifying you that the plugin has been reloaded.

After reloading the plugin, you are all set to begin using QGreenland Custom. Reference the user guide, How to install and use QGreenland Custom, to get started.